Mesh is a Toronto based consulting firm that specializes in implementing new research and technology in the digital design industry.  Our four core services groups are:

  • Geometry Consulting
  • Simulation
  • Proxemics
  • Apps and Algorithms

Within these groups, Mesh offers a spectrum of services that stimulate conceptual development, rationalize complex design, and effectively supplement industry projects with high level research and digital technology. These services have been specifically geared to architects, engineers, manufacturers, artists, and game developers looking to develop new or existing technologies that will add value to their services and products.

Daniel Hambleton MSc | Managing Director

Daniel Hambleton is a mathematician working in the AEC industry: a role he hopes will continue to push the boundaries of current design practice. In 2009 he helped start the Studio for Progressive Modelling (SPM), a service provided by Yolles, a CH2M HILL company, that combines expertise in structural engineering,
mathematics, and computation, to solve complex problems in architecture. In 2012, he founded MESH, a Toronto based consulting firm that specializes in implementing new research and technology in the digital design industry.

Daniel has worked on projects both locally and abroad, collaborated with established and emerging architects, organized Architecture In Combination, an interdisciplinary discussion series, lectured at the University of Toronto, presented at international conferences, written technical papers, and generally been incorrigibly interested in the interaction between mathematics, engineering, and architecture.

His current work includes smoothed particle hydrodynamics, affordance based space syntax, AI in pathfinding algorithms, computer vision, discrete differential geometry, freeform surfaces, structural optimization, tilings and patterns, kinematics, construction aware design, physics simulations, Riemannian manifolds, higher dimensional lattices, and how all this lowers fabrication, assembly, and material costs in real project settings.


Elissa Ross PhD | Partner

Elissa Ross holds a PhD in mathematics from York University (Toronto) where her research focused on the rigidity and flexibility of periodic (repetitive) structures. She has additional expertise in computational geometry, graph theory and tilings/patterns, and a long history of collaborative and interdisciplinary projects.

At MESH Consultants Inc., Elissa conducts research in architectural geometry and shape modelling, adds to the breadth of the geometry consulting services, and develops in-house tools for 3D geometry applications. Her recent research has focused on modelling crystal growth via mesh front-tracking algorithms, developing methods for precise offsetting of polygonal meshes for CAD applications, and generating meshes based on a “skeleton” input.