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A new RhinoPhysics version is available on our Downloads page!

This version features a completely custom PhysX implementation (no more Physxdotnet dependency). From an end user perspective, there aren’t that many new features, however by working directly with the C++ API, everything is much faster. From a developer point of view, however, the PhysXEngineWrapper dll can be used to create straightforward, Rhino specific, physX functionality (more on this to follow). In .NET or C++.

Some notes:

  • rpJoints – different connectivity modes, distance/twist/swing limit control
  • rpRigidDynamic – now supports multishape bodies (i.e. select a bunch of meshes to combine in to one rigidbody)
  • rpFluid – much improved methods for setting up a particle source. Turn up the viscosity/stiffness of jelly like effects…
  • rpCloth – simplified creation down to one parameter (stiffness).
  • rpSetClothParticleWeights – used to set anchor points for cloth
  • rpBake – Bake everything in the scene.
  • rpRigidStatic – add an arbitrary static triangle mesh.
  • You can now just click on a Rigid Body to interact with it. This behaviour is still in alpha, so be patient. The Rhino Gumball api is fairly opaque!

Also, there is currently one major bug concerning Cuda resource management, so if you find that the plugin crashes, or is very slow, or doesn’t do what you think it should do, close Rhino and double click the RHP file again. Otherwise, you can send all feedback/bugs to support at meshconsultants dot ca.

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  1. Ufuk Bircan Özkan
    | Reply

    I have Rhino 5.9 installed and I get this error when I try to load the plug-in:

    “Unable to load RhinoPhysics.rhp plug-in.
    This plug-in is designed to run in the latest Rhino 5.0 Service Release.
    Please download the latest service release from

    Unable to load plug-in”

    • danhambleton
      | Reply

      Hmm, it’s possible that I build this against the SR10 release candidate. Try installing that and see if it helps.

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