PhysX for Rhino/GH: Proof of Concept

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Here is a quick proof of concept for getting nvidia’s PhysX library working in Grasshopper. So far, I’ve only been able to run a basic simulation with rigid bodies, where a grid of spheres is dropped on to a plane. What’s nice about this though is the speed – PhysX uses your GPU to do most of the heavy lifting, so it is very feasible to run simulations with 8-10k rigidbodies. However, there is a massive bottle neck in getting PhysX running in GH due to needing to recreate Rhino/GH geometry at every frame. Usually, physX just submits the objects in the scene directly for rendering, which speeds things up quite a bit. Hopefully there is a solution to this….

Big thanks to StillDesign for the PhysX.Net library!

Next step: fluids!

Here’s is a quick video:



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