Twitter to GH

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I’ve long been meaning to figure out how to use the Twitter API. I’m not entirely sure for what purpose, but it seems like a good thing to know a bit about. And for some reason the Levenshtein distance measure for strings caught my eye today – probably because I had never heard of it. So, after a bit of trial and error, I mocked up a GH component that streams all geo-tagged tweets (given a username and password).


Then, with a bit of manipulation, I sorted out only the hash tags and measured the Levenshtein distance form each hash tag to every other hash tag. My hope was that there might be something interesting to be learned from which hash tags are closely clumped together by this measure. After much sorting and jumping through hoops, it ended up looking like this:


I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to be learned for this particular experiment…..Maybe with way more data. However, the component works!




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