New Release of Iogram

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new release of Iogram is available for testing and experimentation!

To highlight just a few new features in this release:

  • Brand new editor experience with fully customizable workspace, sketch area, multiple 3D camera views, file browser and searchable component library
  • Enhanced geometric utilities, including new geometric primitives, geometric operations (harmonic deformation, lofting, mean curvature flow….) and geometric analysis tools (mesh topology queries)
  • New spatial tools including:  multiresolution terrain/heightfield support, sun directional light from latitude and longitude, OpenStreetMaps reader.
  • ShapeOp components for geometric optimization
  • Fully open-source core if you are interested in seeing a lot of C++ geometry code

Iogram still runs on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu, and builds standalone geometric apps to all of those platforms, plus WebGL.

Get your installer of choice here!


Ready to get started? Check out our new supporting documentation:

  1. Getting Started document
  2. Iogram Tutorial videos
  3. Auto-generated online component dictionary

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