Introducing Iogram

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The MESH team has been hard at work on a new project called Iogram (from “Input-Output Diagram”). It is a tool for computational design, prototyping, geometric exploration and parametric app development.



Over the past few years of our geometry consulting service,  we had assembled a lengthy wish list for a hypothetical dream software. We wanted to be able to use and develop advanced geometric algorithms, and to handle all kinds of input geometries. We wanted complete control and access to the C++ source, and to be able to build out the results of this geometric manipulation as cross-platform apps (Windows, Mac, Linux and WebGL). Oh, and we also wanted it to be fun to use. contacts_iogram


Work in Progress Release Available for Testing!
About six months ago we decided to stop listing and start building. We’re happy to announce that the work-in-progress release is ready for testing! Check out our Github site to grab the the installer of your choice, Windows, Mac or Linux.

We’d love your feedback on the software so far. We have plenty of ideas about how to develop it further, but we are very excited to hear yours too. Please sign up for updates, and check out the Iogram Site for more information. 

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