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Introducing Iogram
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The MESH team has been hard at work on a new project called Iogram (from “Input-Output Diagram”). It is a tool for computational design, prototyping, geometric exploration and parametric app development.   WHY: Over the past few years of our … Read More

MESH presents at Advances in Architectural Geometry 2016
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Recently MESH traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to present new research on offsetting architectural meshes at the AAG2016. Our paper, “Face-Offsetting Polygon Meshes with Variable Offset Rates” (by Elissa Ross and Daniel Hambleton of MESH, together with Visiting Professor of Design … Read More

Anchored boundary conditions for locally isostatic networks
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Or, “How to make atoms believe they are part of something bigger”. Over the last year I participated in an interdisciplinary research project with some mathematicians and some materials scientists who study zeolites. We recently published a paper on the topic, … Read More

MESH presents at the ACADIA Conference in Cincinnati
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MESH Consultants recently attended the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture‘s annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio: Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene. I presented our paper “Exact face offsetting for polygonal meshes,” jointly authored with Daniel Hambleton. The paper outlines a new … Read More

Sun and shadow with mesh subdivision
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Suppose you have a bunch of buildings and want to analyze the shadows cast on one building by all the other buildings. Let’s say you have a triangle mesh describing a flat wall. It could be a very simple mesh … Read More

MESH at Advances in Combinatorial and Geometric Rigidity
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Last week I was lucky enough to represent MESH at the Banff International Research Station (BIRS). BIRS is a math research conference centre, nestled in the spectacular Canadian Rockies at the Banff Centre, which itself claims to be the “largest … Read More